The Mechanical Seed

Creative Tech
Project year
Jan 2024-
Project type
Creative Tech
Project Description
A Space Seed yearning for the Earth
Exhibition & Collaboration
Independent Project

On Earth, we wonder at the moments, objects, creatures that defy gravity - gliding birds, levitating magnets, gyroscopes, Gehry's museums.

In space, when everything becomes weightless, levitating, ungrounded, when you can't even feel the heaviness of your own body, it would be great to hold something that has weight (I mean, "seems to have weight.")

Here is the Mechanical Seed. A Seed Longing for home. A Seed that always reorients itself to point towards the Earth. A Seed that resists you whenever you try to reposition it. A Seed that seems to have weight.

Equipped with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to record angular displacement, three reaction wheels in X, Y, Z directions to adjust orientation, the Seed accompanies the astronauts during their space journey and guide them home.

The wooden shell, with procedurally programmed surface patterns, hide the intricate mechanical structures inside.

The Seed will go on a Horizon Zero Gravity Flight with Aurelia Institute, MIT Media Lab in mid April, 2024.

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