Meeting, Parting

Project year
November-December 2023
Project type
Project Description
Binary, Mobius space that materializes the unexpectedness of meeting and parting.
Exhibition & Collaboration
Independent Project

This project is about Meeting and Parting.

I built this binary, Mobius space that is intentionally difficult to read and creates opportunities for meeting, missing, and parting.

The beauty of meeting and parting lies in its unpredictable nature.

Mobius is a great metaphor. We live in the perpetuation of meeting and parting.

In this space,

You could pass by each other as you rush through.

You could meet face-to-face at unexpected turns.

You could wait, walk back and forth for hours, still find yourself on your own.

There are moments that you could hear but cannot see the other person.

There are also moments that you could only see part of them – the feet, the shoulder, or the shadow.

This space speaks binary language – black and white. The visitor can occupy either black or whitespace. In the “black space,” the wall, the ceiling, the floor is all black.Vice versa in the “white space.”

The structure materializes the Mobius shape. Fun begins at moments where the floor turns into the wall, then turns into the ceiling, then turns back into the wall.Various lighting conditions are created as the structure occludes and reveals itself.

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