The Lightness of a Rock

Project year
February - March 2024
Project type
Project Description
Something that seems bulky and rigid like a rock could be light and flexible.
Exhibition & Collaboration
Indepdent Project

When "misreading" the plan and section drawings of Casa Malaparte, I imagined myself to be a kid who has no idea what plans and sections are. So I treated them as cool patterns and puzzle pieces. I meshed lines with similar patterns together, assembled the puzzle, and made these collages.

Looking at the collages, I was intrigued by the tension and conversation between the straight, rectilinear lines representing the building itself, and the curvy, trembling lines representing the rock beneath. Lacking spatial order and sense of orientation, the rock can be read as something else - a cloud, a lake, fabrics, wrinkled paper, skin. Something that seems bulky and rigid like a rock could be light and flexible. The play between heaviness and lightness interests me. 

Based on this plan drawing that I created by meshing four sections together, I built this model. The narrow space at the entrance gradually opens up towards the end and pushes visitors towards the ocean. Seen at a distance, the folly appears to be an opaque, mysterious solid, or an extension of the rock. However, after entering the space, you are immersed in a meandering maze of light and shadows as sunlight enters through the fracture on top of the building. The external skin, which seems heavy and rigid, is in fact light and shapeless. The columns, which seem light due to their transparency, are heavy and determine the shape of the skin. Some columns extend above the ground to support the skin, some extend below to reveal the rock beneath. Seeing the light, rock-shaped skin above and the heavy, actual rocks below at the same time challenges visitors to rethink the relationship between heaviness and lightness.

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