Re-Imagining Casa Malaparte

Project year
January 2024
Project type
Project Description
Enjoy the journey of discovery at Casa Malaparte through origami puzzles!
Exhibition & Collaboration
Independent Project

What's really fascinating about Casa Malaparte is that it looks, feels very different from different perspectives and spaces - faraway and close-up, front and side views, inside and outside.

This building feels like a journey of discovery. I attempts to recreate this experience through this origami puzzle game.

The origami pieces can be folded and unfolded, separated and merged to form different images.

This game is dynamic, interactive, free-ended. There is no correct solution.  A table leg poking out of the sea. The triangular fireplace growing out of the rocks. The blood red building jumping into the sea like a Gold fish, or flying up towards the sky like Porco Rosso's plane...

Keep flipping, folding, exploring new structures, new combinations, new spaces and enjoy the journey of discovery at Casa Malaparte.

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