On Earth We are Briefly Gorgeous

Project year
2023. 4
Project type
Project Description
A recollection of fragments, moments, pieces that matter to me.
Exhibition & Collaboration
Yale Visual Artists Collective 2023 Exhibition Piece, In Collaboration with poet Mustafa Zewar.

On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous, is a bamboo forest exuberating in the sun, a gallery of my digital art pieces whispering in the wind, a recollection of fragments, moments, pieces that matter to me. Inspired by the red ribbons Chinese people tied up on trees for good wishes on special days, I hope to explore the long-lasting beauty of transient moments. I’m a visual person. Every imprinted memory is associated with an image, a snapshot of the fleeting world, or a flash of thought lingering in my mind. I carry these images, memories, pieces as sources of strength, warmth, tenderness. They are part of me.

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