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This is Xinran Li

Currently studying Computer Science and Architecture at Yale University, Xinran's work blends art, technology, architecture, and environmentalism in novel ways to tackle real-world challenges.
Rooted in a robotics background, with experiences in software engineering, architecture design, and interactive media art, she sees technology as an opportunity to bring unexpected beauty and playfulness, reshape human experience in evolving spaces and times, and redefine human interaction with both built and natural environments.

Where Art meets Tech...

Architecture, Art, Design:
Methods and Form in Architecture, Scales of Design, Intro to Digital Video, Sacred Art & Architecture, African Rhythm in Motion, Embodying Story, Drawing Architecture, Materials in Architecture, American Architecture and Urbanism

Computer Science:
Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, System Programming & Computer Organization, Full Stack Web Programming, Algorithms, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics

Computer Graphics
Software Engineering
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design
Digital Art
Interactive Art

Selected projects

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