Digital Art

In my wildest dreams...
Mountains and rivers,
The sun and the moon,
Entangled into each other,
Who are we to each other?
Multi-media Collage
The world of ‘nature’. The world of ‘culture’. The world of ‘waste’. Human being is born in the world of ‘nature,’ creates the world of ‘culture,’ perishes into the world of ‘waste,’ and returns to the world of ‘nature.’

Our bones, reinforced by steel; our skin, armored by polymers; our eyes, reshaped by hydrogel; our heart, re-engineered by titanium, will one day be decomposed to nourish new life in nature, or bitterly swallowed by the world of waste.

We program the culture. We program the world. We program ourselves. Could we ever escape from confinement and containment in the program of nature? Could we ever break free from the perpetuating cycle? Are we human? Are we not?