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Co-Founder and Project Leader in Tech
Discover messages from old and new friends in real-world places and partake in large-scale public discourses around you in this new spatial social app focused on “here” instead of “now”.

Funded and supported by Yale Tsai City Launch Pad venture program.

In this new location-based AR social app focused on “here” instead of “now,” users plant messages for friends or general public in their current location, discover messages from old and new friends within a certain distance range (start at 10m, grow with more likes, views, and replies), and partake in large-scale public discourses around them.


Go out and explore a new message your friend left for you in a secret corner of the campus.


Spot a lovely poem left by a stranger on your favorite morning stroll, follow and leave a reply.


Witness in AR thousands of emerging posts hovering over a major campus protest and add your own voice.


Take a walk in a new city and decide to visit a coffee shop because of all the fun messages you found outside.

Product Details

  • The app allows users to plant a message (text / photo / video) in the current location. The message can be set as discoverable by a specific friend, friends only, or public.
  • When your friend leaves a message, you get a notification about its location.
  • Both friend and public messages can only be read within a certain range.
  • Range of visibility starts at 10m and grows with more likes, views, and replies
  • Messages with higher likes, views, and replies are visible further away, potentially across a campus or city, and are rendered physically larger and higher in AR. 


  • Designed and implemented UI/UX with Figma featuring location-based floating message bubbles
  • Implemented Frontend Design with  Swift and ARKit
  • Rendered message bubbles in sprite animation with Cinema4D.
  • MERN Stack


  • Local, therefore Authentic. There is something genuine and rare about “being here.” In a world screaming “right now!” we say: right here. 
  • We make the world feel larger instead of smaller. A world of discovery, turning every place you visit into a canvas for shared experiences.
  • Not a social app in AR. A place app that’s naturally social. Human connection is instinctually spatial, not temporal - “we are here, right next to each other.”